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"Farewell to a Friend"

Fernando Bujones   March 9, 1955 - November 10,  2005

Photo: Andrew Terzes


Fernando Bujones, international dance icon and Artistic Director of Orlando Ballet, passed away Thursday morning, November 10th, 2005. This is a devastating loss to the dance world, but an even greater loss to all those who knew the man. Fernando's passion and energy were contagious. He inspired all those around him to be better than they ever imagined they could be, to reach beyond self imposed limitations. He gave them permission to fly, to let go and reach for the stars. His warmth and generosity of spirit endeared him to everyone who knew him. This is a man who got it right. He understood that by treating those in his world with respect and acknowledging the value of each person's unique gifts, the whole would become greater than the sum of it's parts. He understood that by contributing to and applauding each person's success, our own success is not diminished, but magnified a hundred fold. That is the foundation and premise that he built Orlando Ballet upon, a company that would be a reflection of the passion, spirit and vision of a great artist, a great leader, a great man. That is the foundation and premise that he lived his life by as well. He gave freely of his knowledge and his artistry, but his greatest gift was the gift of himself. I was privileged and honored be able to chronicle and share with the world through my writing what I saw unfold over the past five years of  Fernando's journey with Orlando Ballet, and to serve Fernando as his personal representative for two and a half of those years, but my greatest honor and truest blessing was to have him as a friend.



"Fernando came to Orlando Ballet and took an average local company and made it into a world-class organization. He was an exceptional gift to the world of dance - not only as a performer but with the legacy he leaves." ...Immediate Past President of Orlando Ballet Tricia Earl

"Bujones, one of the finest male dancers of the 20th Century, leaves behind a legacy of international accomplishment in performance, choreography and teaching in addition to a world-class ballet company." www.orlandoballet.org



"The Extraordinary Journey of Fernando Bujones" is definitely a labor of love...Fernando was not only an incredible dancer and teacher but one of the most amazing human beings I've ever met. That is why I choose to write about him. I felt that his was a story that must be shared with the world. This is the same kind of motivation that Israel Rodriguez had to create his chronicle in film of Fernando the artist and the man...This is a film not to be missed...

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel Movie critic wrote in his article reviewing the film..."Israel Rodriguez's The Extraordinary Journey of Fernando Bujones uses generous samples of the dancing of the late Orlando Ballet artistic director and interviews with his peers to remind us how special Bujones was. Landing Malcolm McDowell (who starred in Robert Altman's ballet film The Company) to give the film its triumphant narration, scoring interviews with those who raised Bujones, taught him dance, were inspired by him and loved him, Rodriguez has made a film that will open the eyes of those who didn't realize the giant who lived and worked in our midst."

And now Fernando's  long awaited autobiography in now available. To order your copy send check or money order to:  Bujones Book - 5243 NW 94th Doral Place, Doral FL 33178 or call 305-471-0511

Order On Line through bujonesbook@gmail.com or visit www.fernandobujones.com

Continental USA: $35 US + $7 shipping and handling ($42.00 US)  

International: $35 US + $15 Shipping and Handling ($50 US)

Now available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel


Fall 2009 Cover of Chan Hon Goh

Dance International Fall 2009

Fernando Bujones Autobiography Review by Olivia Gale Dance International



"Pam Bolling & Hardrive Take to the High Seas" by Olivia Gale

Feature Article  'Inside Dance' Section of the November 2004 Issue of Dancer Magazine

Click on link to danceronline, sign in and click on the Inside Dance link for complete article




"The Road Less Traveled...A Young Dancer's Life" by Olivia Gale

Orlando Arts Magazine Jul/Aug 2004 Cover Article


Featured Fernando Bujones Artistic Director Orlando Ballet and Newest Members of the Professional Company, former Orlando Ballet Trainees Jordan Morris and Sara Nyfield

Photo: Michael Cairns



Orlando Ballet & the Magic of Fernando Bujones

"With a Passion for Dance and an Expectation of Excellence" by Olivia Gale

Cover Article Dancer May 2003 Issue


Photo Michael Cairns

"Threshold of a Dream" by Olivia Gale

Fernando Bujones at age 19 became the youngest male soloist with American Ballet Theatre and the first American male dancer to win the gold medal at the VII International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. He is considered the greatest male dancer of his generation and  the personification of classical ballet's romantic "prince". Bujones now brings his passion for dance and his vision of excellence to the Orlando Ballet. He became the artistic director of Southern Ballet Theatre now crowned Orlando Ballet in March of 2000. His dream is to build a world class ballet company and if the standing ovations both in Orlando and on tour are any indication Bujones and Orlando Ballet are well on their way to making that dream a reality...Dance Teacher article available online to read in it's entirety...Link below...



 www.orlandoballet.org       www.fernandobujones.com           

  "Click Logos to Access Web Sites"

"Myles to Go" by Olivia Gale

Myles Thoroughgood  is a multi-dimensional talent. He is an actor, a writer, a dancer, a director and a teacher who utlizes all his creative gifts when shaping his choreography.  Myles was the choreographer for Disney's the Mickey Mouse Club working with young people that were soon to become household names like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and ‘NSYNC’s J. C. Chasez, and Justin Timberlake. He has choreographed for pop stars and musical groups including ’NSYNC, for live shows, music videos and television. You've seen his work on Nickelodeon's TAINA and GULLAH GULLAH ISLAND. Very much like the title of his original work performed at Orlando's famed Fringe Festival, Myles is a veritable "One Man Show". Dance Spirit article available online read in it's entirety...Link below...



"Myles and the Mouse" by Olivia Gale





Articles Published in Dancer                                               

Pamela Bolling & Karen Hebert make the perfect artistic team not to mention a great mother & daughter team. Their credits as dancers, choreographers and teachers are considerable. Karen toured with the stars of the American Ballet and Pam is the choreographer for and partner in Hardrive Productions. Their collaboration on the Peak Performance Dance Video Series has provided one of the best video resources for dance on the market. Dancers from all over the country make the trip to Orlando for their total performance summer workshop Dansinging...Their positive energy, style and grace bring a breath of fresh air to what can be the critical and highly competitive world of dance and dance performance.

"Do you believe in Magic, Hardrive Does" the heart of the entertainment source...the total show! Jessie Lirette, Greg Brown, Pam Bolling & and Jaime Vazquez


Additional published articles include ones on Southern Ballet Theatre, Pam Bolling & Karen Hebert, Hardrive Productions, and more

"Swing's the Thing" Michael Andrew and Swingerhead

Singer, Song Writer, Band Leader, Actor, Writer & more... CDs, Film & Clubs from NYC to LA

A different story to tell...Artist's Repetory Theater

Thoroughgood & associates form a group to explore new works and break new ground in Orlando

Hardrive Productions

Jesse Lirette's stilt walking career leads him to meet costume designer Greg Brown and the birth of Hardrive Productions

Brujodada...Bruce Marshall, Joseph Lallement, David Jordan & David Baker

Niclelodeon's best form an Artists' Colabo from costumes to sets and video to "Ultra Lounge"

"Johnny Cool is an Attitude" One of Many Paul Vesco's Personas

Paul Vesco, Band Leader extrodinaire from NYC & LA to Atlantic City & Orlando

The 'Rodie' to Entertainment Law Hans Kennon Entertainment Attorney

Rodie for Bette Middler, Manager for Entertainment Services for Trump now E Law in Orlando

Pam Bolling "Dance" Connection

Choreographer for RabCo show's dancers how it's done in class and on stage...the positive message is loud and clear

Myles Thoroughgood, Choreographer, Actor and much more

From Phildelphia's renowned Jazz company WAVES to LA then to Orlando as Choreographer for Disney's Mickey Mouse Club...

Marissa MacEachin's Fitness Philosophy


Michael Douglas credits his personal trainer for changing his image for films like Basic Instinct...

"Dancing Down Broadway"

Dancing Down Broadway is only one of many entertainment inspired poems that have appeard in Focus In


Fernando Bujones www.fernandobujones.com

Paul Vesco and Johnny Cool     www.paulvesco.com

Michael Andrew and Swingerhead    www.swingerhead.com

Pam Bolling  www.dancevideo.com     www.b-wear.com

Hardrive Productions   www.hardriveinc.com

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